Failed SubjectMae Hawkins ≠ Female Subject ≠ 19 ≠ FC: Karen Gillan≠ Open

Mae Hawkins grew up a ward of the state. With no parents or family to speak of she bounced from group home to group home. Always the odd child she preferred the company of her imaginary friends to real people. Mae never had many friends even though she was energetic and bubbly. She just didn’t fit any social norms. Mae was one of the first subjects ever brought to be part of Program Alpha. Mae was brought to the project at age 15. Given the highest dosage of the serum ever administered Mae suffered a terrible reaction to the serum.
Most of the doctor’s are fascinated by Mae. Because she is classified as a failure she is often passed around as a test subject for whatever the doctor’s latest whim happens to be. Mae has a childlike trust for the doctor’s and often refers to them as “Aunts and Uncles”. The other patients tend to look upon her with a sense of pity. She is often mocked behind her back, but wouldn’t know it or care. She sees everyone as her friend and loves and trusts very easily.
Subject 12 is a failure. Subject 12 is open for experimentation. 
Subject 12 originally showed signs of Premonitions. Going into a trance like state the Subject would predict future events. However the trance became semi-permanent. Subjects predictions are not to be trusted. Some are hallucinatory in nature. All premonitions witnessed by staff should be recorded. 

  • Zoe Adams- Zoe is the closest thing to family Mae has ever had. Like an older sister Zoe is kind and protective of Mae. In return Mae is protective of her and will do whatever she can to help her.
  • Mitchell Samson: Also protective of Mae he is one of the few people willing to put up with her when she is in one of her states. Kind enough to talk to her and calm her down when she is scared.  
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